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Patina in Evanger, Voss

Are you going to the western part of Norway this summer? Why not have a pitstop at Patina café in Evanger near Voss? Here you can enjoy homemade cakes or lunch and have a stroll through their second hand shop. This year you can even stay overnight. They […]

Bark Bar & Brasserie in Arendal

Update: This restaurant is closed, unfortunately. I have still kept the blogpost here, so you can enjoy the atmosphere which once where there. Last week I was in Arendal, in the southern part of Norway. We had dinner at an excellent restaurant called Bark, situated in “Langbrygga” in […]

A visit to Strand Restaurant

By the seaside just outside Oslo, at Høvik, you find Strand restaurant. The old restaurant from 1924 is now stylishly renovated, and is taken over by brilliant young chefs from Flavours. Around lunchtime last Saturday I went for a visit with two friends. Only the bakery was open […]

Vågå gardshotell

Fancy a trip to Norway this summer? In Gudbrandsdalen you can experience the true Norwegian fairytale at Vågå Gardshotell. Stay in historic buildings in unique farms. Take a trip in the neighbouring area and visit Lom, where you can have a look at the old church and not […]

Kanon Bistro

Next to Lørenparken is Kanonhallen, which is Oslo´s new culture scene. The house restaurant is called Kanon Bistro – and it´s worth a visit. I had lunch there on Saturday, which was nice traditional Norwegian beef soup with vegetables. The bistro is a nice place to take a […]


Last weekend I visited a nice place here in Oslo – Løren. It is Selvaag´s new housebuilding project. It includes a nice park with playground for children with nice sculptures called the “Peer Gynt-Suite”. They represent a presentation of the Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen’s, famous work Peer Gynt. […]

Gourmet food hunting

Are you looking for wild, edible foodstuffs? Head for the forest. In August-October you will find delicious mushrooms and berries. The photos are taken from my trip in the woods near Oslo last week. We found three kilos of funnel chanterelles and one kilo of lingonberries. Yummy!

Corn on the cob

A nice family activity in the autumn is picking corn. The cobs are best if you eat them the same day, but you can also keep them in the fridge for a few days. Freezing is also possible. We went to Haneborg gård near Drøbak. A very nice […]