Kanon Bistro

Next to Lørenparken is Kanonhallen, which is Oslo´s new culture scene. The house restaurant is called Kanon Bistro – and it´s worth a visit. I had lunch there on Saturday, which was nice traditional Norwegian beef soup with vegetables. The bistro is a nice place to take a […]


Last weekend I visited a nice place here in Oslo – Løren. It is Selvaag´s new housebuilding project. It includes a nice park with playground for children with nice sculptures called the “Peer Gynt-Suite”. They represent a presentation of the Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen’s, famous work Peer Gynt. […]

Gourmet food hunting

Are you looking for wild, edible foodstuffs? Head for the forest. In August-October you will find delicious mushrooms and berries. The photos are taken from my trip in the woods near Oslo last week. We found three kilos of funnel chanterelles and one kilo of lingonberries. Yummy!

Corn on the cob

A nice family activity in the autumn is picking corn. The cobs are best if you eat them the same day, but you can also keep them in the fridge for a few days. Freezing is also possible. We went to Haneborg gård near Drøbak. A very nice […]


Are you a chocolate lover like me? Then don´t miss Sjokokoladepiken if you´re in Stavanger. This place has delicious chocolate and a nice café. Elise Bjørnsen Malmberg fra reportasje i Stavanger Aftenblad i forbindelse med åpningen i 2007. Foto: Anders Minge.

Maries Gjestehus

On the website of the Norwegian magazine Lev Landlig I noticed an interesting article. On Sandøya outside Tvedestrand there is a small guesthouse kalled Maries Gjestehus. A beautifully restored congregation house with 7 bedrooms, all named after different writers. It is run bed and breakfast style, and according […]

Herend porcelain

Lucky me! My cousin gave me a marvellous present some days ago. She has collected Herend porcelain for many years. And now she decided to give it all to me. Very generous! And here you can see the debut-dinner with the new porcelain. We made bacalao. Nice contrast […]


Update: This café no longer exists, but we can still enjoy the nice photos here. I found this café today – and I will visit as soon as I get the opportunity. It is located at Tøyen in Oslo. The nice photos are taken by Kathrine Nordli from […]