A visit to Møystad Farm in Hedmark, Norway

Need help to get in the Christmas mood? Why not visit Møystad farm near Hamar in Hedmark? In the café you are served delicious traditional Norwegian Christmas meals. And if you still have some Christmas gifts to buy, there is a little shop on the farm.

Møystad farm, Norway

Traditional flatbread and different mustards is served with the Christmas meals.

The shop sells nice gifts, included these cute cups and dishes. You can also buy the book about the farms around Mjøsa called “Mjøsgårdene” by Dinamo Forlag:

The photos in the book from Møystad farm are taken on a nice summer day. Here are two of them. Well worth a trip in the summer, too! (Photos: Nina Ruud)

Photos: moystadgard.no and Nina Ruud.

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